Monty (formerly Indigo) has been everything I hoped for and more. He is athletic, confident, loving, and incredibly smart. He house trained himself in about a week, with zero accidents since he decided to bark to be let out at age 10 weeks. He approaches life with a “sure, let’s do it!” attitude.

I’ve taken him on snowy multiple-mile hikes, through the wild streets of Portland, to bars and beaches, with no issues. His “Monty Jaunties” are famous in my crowd. He’s a joy to be with, and the companion I hoped for. Next up: kayaking!!!

Michelle was incredibly supportive for this first-time puppy owner, happy to educate me on the steps from reservation to birth to pickup. Best decision ever!!

Ashley K. – Portland, OR



We were referred to The Spotted Dog by Westminster Dog Agility champions. While we weren’t looking for a competitive agility dog, we did trust their expertise in finding a breeder that responsibly breeds good-natured, obedient dogs. We wanted a dog that was sweet, would listen to us, and would be respectful to her cat brothers. We have had Elmo for seven months now, and we can’t believe how well she is doing.

She is sweet, loves people, and is so eager to please. We constantly have people who call out to us from their moving cars asking what breed Elmo is. Everyone falls in love with her, and people are obsessed with her Disney eyelashes.

Seriously, she has eyelashes like Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus. We are toying with the idea of getting Elmo into rally obedience because of how good she is with general obedience. We are so happy with Elmo. She is our new daughter, and we highly recommend The Spotted Dog for your next fur-kid.

Jackie, Philippe, Elmo, Alfie, and Eggie – Belmont, CA




“We are so grateful to have found The Spotted Dog Poodles. Our sweet Willow just had her first birthday and she has been a little love bug since the day we took her home. This is our third puppy and it was clear that she had been well socialized under Michelle’s care. Willow is a kind and friendly dog who wants to meet everyone! She’s whip smart and behind her pretty poodle pose is a fierce athlete with amazing speed. Michelle was helpful throughout the adoption process and was available to answer questions after Willow came home. We couldn’t be happier with our Moyen Poodle and highly recommend The Spotted Dog.”

Treina A. – Seattle, WA





“Larry has been a great addition to our family. He has won the hearts of all of us with his love, charm, and sense of humor. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. His training has been a breeze. He was completely potty trained in a few weeks and knows all the common commands at 4 months old! Thank you for breeding such amazing puppies!”

Trisha & Tanner A. – Chehalis, WA







“Michelle was so patient and easy to communicate with from our very first conversation and questions, through the adoption and even with questions that came up after the adoption. We have an affectionate, kind, sweet little boy that has been the perfect addition to our family. Tucker is a joy to wake up to every morning and a pleasure to spend the day with. We are so pleased and happy to have found “The Spotted Dog” and to have met Michelle and Richard.”

Kurt H. – Burien, WA






“Percy is a joy! The Spotted Dog’s communication with us about the application, selection, adoption and transportation processes was consistently clear, open and kind. This is my family’s first dog and we had lots of questions. Helpful and informative responses throughout.”

Carolyn M. – Los Angeles, CA





“After extensive research, talking to our vet, trainer, groomer and many poodle owners in Seattle; we decided to get a puppy from Michelle Hall at The Spotted Dog Poodles. Michelle was incredible to work with. Complete integrity, raising the puppies in a wonderful socialized home. They have a balance of professionalism with warmth and personal connection. Every question I asked got a thoughtful response. Flora joined our family at 8 weeks old. The perfect family dog. At 13 weeks – she sleeps through the night in her crate, is house broken and we have trained her to walk on a leash, sit and come. She is so cute, sweet, smart and entertaining. In a very short time she has completely cued in to my husband and me. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Michelle and Rich Hall.”

Betsy and Richard L. – Seattle, WA



“My Arly pup, born in summer ‘19, is a delight to her older “brother” Woody and to me. I now have a real family atmosphere at my little house, which as a widow I’d been missing. Arly has a strong spirit of fun, tests the limit, but learns fast what’s ok. And Woody has a strong, healthy playmate who never tires of playing with him. I have a sweet-dispositioned cuddler who rests on my feet and has learned to walk with Woody on a double leash. I shall attest to the wonderful dog I acquired from Michelle, and to the joys of walking with two dogs instead of one!”

Linda Z.



“We had a hunch as soon as we started reading through the Spotted Dog website that we’d found the right breeders for us. Upon meeting Michelle, Rich and family for the first time we knew we had.

Throughout the process they were highly consultative, expert, warm, honest, and caring. All of the hard work Michelle, Rich and family put in to our pup’s early weeks became very apparent when we got him home; especially when we started puppy socialization classes and it was clear how advanced he was.

When we met his Mom Scout we thought she was an absolute delight, a trait our pup has inherited along with an incredible personality. Our pup is smart, fun, loving, attentive and very well behaved; he is the perfect companion. He loves his training sessions almost as much as he loves the water!

He has become a super-star in our Capitol Hill neighborhood, he melts the heart of everyone he meets and brings smiles to all faces.
We wholeheartedly recommend The Spotted Dog. A sincere thanks to Michelle, Rich and family for bringing our pup into the world in such a professional and lovely way.”

Paul and Michael H. – Seattle, WA



“If you could just see Buddy (born December 01, 2017) you would understand how grateful we are to The Spotted Dog and to Michelle and her family. Standard Poodles (Rocky, Roxanne, and Petal) have always been a part of our family. And now, Buddy brings not only the loving temperament and quick wit that all poodles seem to share — he goes a step beyond.

Amazingly, he demonstrated his engaging personality to us the first time we met him. Sitting in Michelle’s kitchen, as we were oogling over the nine pups and their mom in their immaculate pen, we agreed that Buddy was THE ONE for us; we also agreed that if that didn’t happen (Michelle’s poodles are always in demand and there is always a waiting list), we would be ecstatic with any one of the other eight.

True to that first meeting, Buddy is loving, attentive, and handsome; he adds life, love, and fun to our home. He is always ready to play with other dogs and with children.

Thank you, The Spotted Dog!”
Naomi and Marty R.



“We are pretty sure we got the best dog ever, when we found our spotted poodle puppy! He is smart, sweet, athletic and the best part, he makes us laugh daily.

The pups were all loved and well cared for in the home of The Hall family.

Their mom, Scout, had such a sweet disposition and was attentive and always nearby as we checked her babies out… that made us feel really good about things. We love our poodle, and would highly recommend The Halls as dog breeders.”

Lisa and Tim M.





“Michelle Hall, the breeder, provided me with a puppy that is friendly and loving with both people and other dogs. In addition to being well socialized, she is smart, alert, easy to train, and beautiful! It has been a joy having Chloe as a companion in my home and I thank Michelle for all her hard work!”

Rae H. – Juno, AK






“Indy is the best darn puppy ever!! He came to us with a beautiful personality, looks, and brains!! Indy is also very respectful of others, sensitive and very loving, giving us sweet kisses whenever possible!

Michelle and her husband Rich are excellent breeders. They take great pride in the breed and their selection of future breeders. We would not hesitate to get a second puppy from them. These puppies are well socialized and very happy little puppies.

We are extremely thrilled with our Indy.  Indy shows great athletic ability, so much so we will be taking him to his first Dock Diving event. We want to see if this is something he might enjoy as keeping him out of the water is a challenge as he loves it so! Indy loves his new home in Gig Harbor as well as big brother Rico Doodle, Big sister Lexi Doodle, Auntie Misty Doodle and Sister Gracie Westie. Gracie is his best friend and she and Indy started playing right away like they had known each other for years!”

– Sonja G.