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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did the parents have any health and genetic tests done?
    All of our breeding parents have been health tested and are chosen for our breeding program based on their superior temperament and personality. Please see our Poodle Parents page for the individual test results on our sires and dams.
  • What vaccines does the puppy already have?
    Our puppies receive their Wellness Exam and first immunization shots at eight weeks from our vet. They must have an immunization booster be administered at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks. We feed our puppies the very best food and give them the correct health treatments to insure they go to their new homes healthy and ready to thrive.
  • Was the puppy dewormed?
    We deworm our puppies at six weeks and again at 8 weeks as part of our wellness exam with our vet. All puppies get worms and ours are no exception. The worms come right through the mother’s milk and puppies must be treated by deworming.
  • What size will the puppy be when it is an adult?
    Our moyen poodles are generally 20-35 pounds when they are grown. Our moyen poodles range in height from 14-18 inches at the shoulder. Our miniature poodles are generally 12-18 pounds when they are grown. Our miniature poodles range in height from 10-14 inches at the shoulder.
  • How often do poodles need to be groomed?
    We recommend a full grooming every 8 weeks. We also recommend a partial grooming which includes a bath, dry and trim in between full grooming appointments. If you want more information about grooming your poodle please visit
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